Bobby Thatcher
Bobthatchwas an American newspaper adventure comic strip created by the cartoonist George Storm (1893–1976). The central character’s name was “Bobbie” in early episodes.
Storm was on the staff of the San Francisco Daily News in 1922. and three years later he began his first newspaper strip, Phil Hardy, scripted by Jay Jerome Williams under the pseudonym Edwin Alger, Jr. When Phil Hardy came to an end after 11 months. Storm drew Ben Webster’s Career (Bell Syndicate, 1925-26) and then launched Bobby Thatcher March 24, 1927 for the McClure Syndicate.
The plot followed the adventures of 15-year-old Bobby Thatcher, who was mistreated by his guardian, Jed Flint. Bobby ran away from home to seek his fortune and find the whereabouts of his sister Hattie. The storyline soon erupted into high adventure as the honest, hard-working Bobby saved lives and became involved with criminals and other unsavory characters.
Sheldon Mayer worked on the strip in 1937-38.