Vincent Paronnaud
winshluss(born 1970), a.k.a. Winshluss, is a French comics artist and filmmaker.
Winshluss is best known for cowriting and codirecting with Marjane Satrapi the highly acclaimed animated film Persepolis (2007), for which they received numerous awards including the Jury Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival as well as an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature.
Real Master of dark humor, Winshluss likes to present the oblivious American society of the 30s and 50s face to face with its demons. Presenting Disney-ish characters with Ku Klux Clan morales, or typical housewife of the 50s responsible for the most discusting murders…
Winshluss publishes his first pages the 1995 through the aventures de Miguel Fanzine. Specialized in Collective publications, Winshluss made his fans wait for a long time before releasing his first solo comic book. With his commitment to the Ferraille publications, which he would take over later with his good friend Cizo, Winshluss becomes one of the major actors on the French independant comic book scene.